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Video Content Productions for Startups

Speaking Your

CPC, CAC, MRR, ARR, CLV, Churn Rate?

We bootstrapped a startup, too. So we know exactly what you‘re struggling with.

That's why we created Those Youngbloods Start. A video content agency for young brands.

Let‘s brainstorm together how we can help you scale your business.

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Recent Projects

Model training with Staedium
November Content Staedium
Thomas looking into the camera and explaining what Cinema Calc is
Performance Ads Cinema Calc
Nick Playing Basketball
Q4 Campaign 2020 Freeletics
Showreel Screenshot
Production Showreel
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What We Do

🧭 Strategy

Does video content make sense for you? Where would it fit into your marketing strategy?

We‘ll figure it out together with you.

🎨 Concept

From initial idea to final voiceover - we create the concept together with you.

Always based on strategy and current trends.

📽️ Production

Planning, shooting, editing and delivery - all in one hand.

We will manage the whole production process from Crew to Location.

📈 Distribution

Organic growth takes time. Time which startups usually don‘t have.

That‘s why we will help you with paid distribution of the content we created.

🔄 Repeat

Agile content productions are the future. With everything in our hand, no insight get‘s lost.

All steps in the process are connected and learn from each other on each iteration.

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